Quote of the Day:  Pulsing through our veins is the blood of our ancestors, all their hopes and fears, longings and frailties. – Mary Aalgaard, after visiting with family this week.

Actually, my sister Joy talked about this.  She’s heard of a pulse test that reads your family’s health history, emotional and physical.  We know that we are genetically wired for certain diseases like cancer or heart disease, but we’re also linked to our ancestor’s emotional health.  This is interesting to me.  We have depression in our family.  We have sensitive souls who are strong in music and art and connecting with other people.  Some of us have control issues.

Cousin Angie and sister Joy singing and playing.
Leo is listening and purring.
Often, when we get together we talk about the negative traits of our family.  This time, we made a point of bringing out the positive qualities.  Aalgaards are great hosts.  We know how to make you feel comfortable.  We’re good cooks.  We make music and know how to listen as well as talk.  We are spiritual and loyal.  We’re the first to roll up our sleeves and help a neighbor.
We come from people with a wanderlust.  We travel and relocate, constantly seeking, aware of the journey.  We know that it’s important to be together, to talk, to create, to connect.  We have a fun journaling project in the works for Christmas.  I’ll tell you more about that on Friday.  In the meantime…
Go. Create. Inspire!  And, spend a little time with family, and check your pulse.
Brother Nathan, Sisters Nancy and Joy.
Having lunch together before Joy flies back to Portland, OR.
Journaling Prompt:  Write about the physical and emotional history of your family.  What are the positive traits that you’ve inherited from your family?