Quote of the Day:  Emotions are at the center of our thinking. Emotions are not separate from reason, but they are the foundation of reason because they tell us what to value. David Brooks on Ted.com. Click here for the full speech. It’s fascinating.

He also talks about “mind-sight”, the ability to interpentrate into someone’s mind, and “blending” which is something artists do naturally, taking seemingly unrelated objects, events, or creatures and making connections.  I believe we experience mind-sight when we use our intuition to read people.  Have you ever said, “I just got a weird vibe from that guy,” or looked into someone’s eyes to determine if you could trust him or her?  Some people feel approachable, while others make you want to cross the street and walk on the other side.

David Brooks talks about skills we cannot count and measure.  Intuition, making connections, emotional response, creativity, the ability to see something for more than what it is, that is a higher power.  Creative Intelligence. I am amazed at how quickly a musician must process music and all its intricate details, and all the while feeling the emotions it evokes. And, how artists have visions about what they will create.

Like, turning a block of wood into a tiny tractor.
My Uncle David made this.
Or, finding objects in nature and embedding them in your canvas.
My friend at ArtbyJeMA, is a master at this.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Take note of times you act on your intuition or feel inspiration.  Observe kids and how they make connections and interact with their environment.  They have not reasoned away emotional response.