Quote of the Day:  I woke up this morning with this song running through my mind.  Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood? Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood? The people that you meet each day. from Sesame Street

I was in on a great conversation last Saturday at that wedding reception. (No eavesdropping needed, I was legitimately there.) A woman was talking about her mother-in-law (MIL), how well they get along, actually, yet, she has some quirky habits. As they were planning her wedding, the MIL suggested they have fresh-cut flowers, from the garden.
DIL:  But, we don’t have much for flowers in our garden this year.
MIL: Oh, that doesn’t matter.  We’ll just go night picking around the neighborhood.

(eyesbrows up – laughter all around)

You never know where you’ll gather up good dialogue, hear a great story, collect bits of humor that you can later use in your written work. As you go about your daily life, doing mundane things like buying meat, you might strike up a conversation with the butcher and discover new ingredients to add to your lasagna. Now, I’ve gotta be a little careful here. If you’re a mystery writer, you might already have some dark thoughts on that statement.  To clarify, I was buying both ground beef and chicken & swiss brats (they really are great), and he suggested I put some of the brat meat in the lasagna. So, I’m going to try it on my guests for Thursday night. (Stop thinking like Agatha Christie!)

Go. Create. Inspire! (and do a bit of clandestine collecting, you might gather a bouquet of ideas)

Journaling Prompt:  Write about a time/place/person who gave you great ideas for your project.