Quote of the Day:  If we all walked in every cause walk in our community, we’d be one healthy community – physically, spiritually and emotionally. Mary Aalgaard from my article in Her Voice.

I write for our local women’s magazine which has a strong community connection for both women and men.  I found my voice through Her Voice when the editor, Meg, called me an author and printed my words for the first time.  My most recent article came out this week on The Buddy Walk in our community for people with Downs Syndrome. The interviews with these families gave me a stronger connection to my community.  I felt drawn into their stories, not always smooth sailing, but always filled with love and a desire to connect with other people who care about someone with disabilities.  They are a warm and welcoming bunch, and I feel so honored to share their story with you. 

Here are a few photos from my friend and Her Voice photographer Joey Halvorson.  These are some great ones that didn’t make it into the magazine.

Sisters Avery and Lauren out for a cruise.
Lauren and her mom Beth
Big brother Patrick with a protective arm around Sarah.
Sarah with her dad Tom
Dave giving comforting kisses to son Noah.
For the full story and more photos click here.  My story starts on p. 23.
If we all walk together, no one has to walk alone.
Go. Create. Inspire! And, walk for a cause.
Journaling Prompt:  How do you react when you see someone with different abilities?  Do you join any cause walks?