Favorite Photo Friday #1

Quote of the Day:  Cat’s pajamasSomething considered to be outstanding

The term “cat’s pajamas” comes from E.B. Katz, an English tailor of the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, who made the finest silk pajamas for royalty and other wealthy patrons. Nothing like a cat nap in Kat’z pjs. (from the book, “Cats out of the Bag” compiled by Terry, Don and Ken Beck)
Alternative: A slang phrase coined by Thomas A. Dorgan in the 1920s when the word “cat” was used as a term to describe the unconventional flappers from the jazz era. This was combined with the word pyjamas (a relatively new fashion in the 1920s) to form a phrase used to describe something that is the best at what it does, thus making it highly sought and desirable.
It’s also the title of a collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury.

Leo in the Light
I’m starting a new tradition on my blog, to post my favorite photo of the week on Fridays.  I love how the natural outdoor light shines on and through Leo’s fur. Look at how you can see the veins in Leo’s ears as the sunlight shines through them. It reminds me of when we were young and took a flashlight into a dark place, maybe camping in a tent or a closet, and we’d hold it behind a finger or a friend’s ear to see what’s inside.  Kinda freaky, but fun.  Was it an attempt to see the insides of a person?  Wasn’t it just “the cat’s pajamas” to use the flashlight to “see” the veins inside or make shadow puppets?
Journaling Prompt:  What are some “cat” phrases you know?  What quirky things did you do as a kid, or now?
Go. Create. Inspire! And, do something that’s “The Cat’s Pajamas!”