Quote of the Day:  When we walk together, no one has to walk alone.

I’m in a community group called the Mothers of Multiples (MOMS).  One of our own developed breast cancer last fall.  Colleen, pictured above, is 41, has a 13-year-old daughter and triplets who just turned eight.  Hers is inflammatory breast cancer, which is not a lump, but first appears as a rash or bumpy skin. At first, she was treated for rash, given anti-biotics, and topical creams, but they did nothing.  As her condition worsened, she got more assertive, and was diagnosed early in December.

You need to be diligent.  Anything that seems unusual or painful needs to be taken care of.  Listen to your intuition.  Early detection saves lives.

This was my first time walking in the Komen Brainerd lakes Race for the Cure, and I was team captain of MOMS for MAMS in support of Colleen.  I also volunteered to help with registration.  Might as well jump right in!  I liked this gal’s hat.

The Race has turned into a huge community event.  Over 2000 people walked or ran, and many more volunteered, or just came to support someone they love.
Colleen is in the bright pink survivor t-shirt, surrounded by her family, and several of the MOMS behind her.  I misted up more than once as I witnessed people getting out and giving their support financially, physcially, and emotionally to people affected by breast cancer.
These folks were walking for their dad/husband.  Don’t forget that men can get breast cancer, too.
There’s always someone with a sense of humor!
Colleen said that much of the money we raise for this walk stays in the community and that she’s already felt the benefits.  We have a Pink Ribbon Cupboard that provides things like gas cards, money to pay bills, insurance, and other support.
Collen with her triplets who are tired after their long walk, her mom on the end, her husband, nephew, and sister-in-law.
Colleen is celebrating her last round of chemo next Tuesday. It’s been a rough road, but we’re praying that all the efforts, sickness, surgeries, and treatment will pay off and that she’ll have many happy, healthy years watching her kids grow.  Here’s Colleen’s blog, News from Up North, if you’d like to send her some good wishes.
Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever participated in a cause walk? Do you know someone with breast cancer, or are you a survivor?  How have you, or your community, shown support?