Quote of the Day:  You never really get to know someone unless you sit down together at the table and share a meal. – from my mom, Jane Siberg Aalgaard.  Inspiring words for me as I begin work on my next play, Kitchen Table Confessions.

I think my mom has a similar pose with each of her six children.  This is the picture in the front of my baby book.  I’m number 4 in the family.  The caption under the photo reads:  Momie is clowning to get me to wake up and smile!  And, I’ve been smiling ever since.  I’m known for my smile.  It’s big and ready to greet you.

I’ve noticed that people are posting photos of their moms on facebook and writing up blog posts about Mother’s Day this week.  I’ll gladly jump on that bandwagon.  One Mother’s Day, a few years back, I think my twins were infants, we were at my oldest brother Nathan’s house to celebrate the day.  Mom was talking about a friend, or someone, who had been honored by her kids.  She said, “It made me wonder how you’ll remember me.”  Nathan said, “You are a healer of body and spirit.”  I thought that was so beautiful.  I wonder if either of them remember that. 

Mom went to school to be a nurse.  She talks about her nursing school days often, and with affection.  At the time, the nursing students lived together, worked together, studied together, walked the snowy trek to classes together.  She said they became very close.  It was a chance for her to experience sisterhood.  When one of them got engaged, they’d throw the bride-to-be in the bathtub.

Mom was the nurse living in our little farming community of Good Hope.  She was called with nursing questions, I know.  She was called upon to be there for neighbors, I’m sure.  She’s a good listener and cares about the people in her community and knows how to connect.

Mom loves her gardens and her Bible studies and good music.  She’s the one who encouraged me with piano.  When I was a speech coach, one of my students recited the poem Thanking My Mother For Piano Lessons by Diane Wikoski.  I don’t know if I ever thanked Mom officially, but I’ll do it now.  Thank you, Mom, for piano lessons and encouragment, love and affirmations!  Have a Happy Mother’s Day, planting flowers and watching them bloom.  I’ve often said that I am a unique flower in the weed patch of life.

I wonder what my sons will remember about me.

Journaling Prompt:  Write about your mom. What did she encourage in you?  Do you know her story, where she grew up, what she wanted to be?