Quote of the Day:  Read the poem The Tao of Touch by Marge Piercy on The Writer’s Almanac.  This poem was used there on May 5.  It spoke to me.

In order to avoid working on my next play, I caught up on blogs.  I actually zeroed out my Reader on Saturday morning!

I awoke to a loud thud. At first, I thought the twins were up and already going outside.  The door to the garage closes with a thud and rattles the house.  I got up, checked, and saw that they were still snoring in bed.  Hmm. I walked downstairs and didn’t see anything out of order.  I heard the thud again.  Was that thunder?  No. It’s cloudy, but not raining.  Then, I realized it was the sound of war manuevers at Camp Ripley, which isn’t as far away as I think.  The entrance to the camp is about 20 miles south of here, but the land within the camp comes up to the Crow Wing River, very near my house.  It sounds like canon fire, (from what I’ve heard on tv shows) so I wonder, Why are they shooting off canons?  Are they just playing war games and Civil War re-enactments?  Probably not.

My imagination enjoyed playing with the sound, though.  Maybe it’s trolls walking nearby, or using my roof as a percussion instrument.  And, speaking of Trolls, the boys and I decided that Saturday would be “Eat like a Hobbit” Day.  We enjoyed breakfast together – toast, cereal, an orange, coffee.  Then, we had a second breakfast – scones.  For Elevensies, I had a banana.  They had toast.  I thought I’d better take a walk after that, since luncheon was coming up.  And, for tea time, we had Oreo cookies and milk out on the deck.

Despite my best efforts – long walk, laundry, cleaning my room, and all that eating, I did manage to type a few more scenes in my play.  I’m now up to page 12!
The setting is the kitchen.
The main focal point is the kitchen table.
The characters are a family, trying to connect the past to the present, understand each other, and be whole.
I have a present day table setting, and one from the past.  This is the first time I’ve used flashback in a script.  I like it.  This story is a drama, filled with emotion.  I also included 10 year old twin boys, which lends to high energy and humor.
For Mom’s Day, the boys got me great gifts – movies, a candle, and smelly bath gel, and they took me bowling.  They did great.  I am one lucky Mama.
I hope you all had a great weekend.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  What would be on your menu for “Eat like a Hobbit” Day?  How did you celebrate Mother’s Day, or enjoy the weekend?