Quote of the Day:  a Poem by Shel Silverstein

Balancing my ABCs
Takes from noon to half past three.
I don’t have time to grab a T
Or even stop to take a P.
That pretty much sums up what it was like to do the A-Z blog challenge this year.  I loved writing a post a day.  As soon as I signed up, I took out my handy-dandy notecards and jotted ideas for each letter. I asked my brother to write a guest post the first day about our family name, Aalgaard.  My sister Nancy challenged me to write about a name for each letter.  I didn’t quite make that challenge.  I had planned to use a theatre or writing term for every letter, and I don’t think I technically did that, but with the guest posts, I was able to offer up a variety of inspiring voices.

I connected with many new (to me) bloggers, including the great Nate Wilson at Sometimes, the Wheel is on Fire.  He gave tips on S Day, I think, on playing Scrabble.  That’s my mom’s favorite game.  I did win one game when we visited over Easter.  Since I’m non-competitive, I’d rather challenge myself to come up with the most clever word, so I sometimes miss the bonus squares.  Who cares? It’s about spending time together.

During this challenge, I’ve built followers and friends. I’ve enjoyed reading a variety blogs.  My goal was to get some diversity, and I did.  My sisters told me they liked reading my blog with their morning coffee.  That’s all I need to feel success.

In May, I’ll plan to post at least three times a week, maybe more.  I’m also getting back the the Scriptfrenzy challenge that was happening in April.  I wrote five pages the first day, then got caught up with the blogs, Easter, the death of our cat, a big birthday bash for my twins, 15 piano students and our recital, and more.

Life is Good. (Tess Hilmo challenged us to write a Life is Good post.  I think this is a good start.)

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting a Fun and Games Challenge.  With a blog title like Play off the Page, how can I resist.  That will appear June 6.

I signed up myself and my son Bobby to do the Tour of Lakes bike ride in June.  35-40 miles for me and 65 for him.  We’ll probably finish about the same time.

Peace, and happy creating to all of you.  Thanks for reading my blog. I feel honored and encouraged.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Pretend you have a whole week to yourself in a cabin in the woods.  What will you be doing?