Letter of the Day:  Z

Z is for Zachary, the last letter of the alphabet, and the second child in this family.

I’m going to repost the poem I wrote for him on his birthday, Dec. 7.  Inspired by Naming My Daughter by Patricia Fargnoli.

The One who was born on a infamous day

The One who came early in a quiet hospital
The One who needed sunlight for jaundice
The One who looked like Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve
The One who slept best
The One who likes pancakes and lasagna
The One who told stories and memorized books
The One who brought home Matilda
The One who makes friends easy
The One who sings
The One who plays trumpet
The One who broke his cheek bone
The One who doesn’t have an appendix
The One who got the swine flu
The One who cared for me when I got it, too
The One who is a math master
The One who rocks at the breast stroke
The One who reads and reads and reads
The One who hugs
The One who doesn’t think he’s too old to say, “I love you.”
The One who got sick on his birthday
The One I call my Christmas Baby

Blogging A-Z has been a blast!  I’ve made new friends, found new blogs to follow, and added many new followers here.  Thank you so much!  You are all an inspiration to me.  Now, back to Scriptfrenzy!  Ya, I was signed up to write a script in a month…looks like April won’t be that month, but there’s always May!

Journaling Prompt:  What projects have you neglected this spring?  When are you going to pick them back up? Or, are you going to start something new?