Letter of the Day:  V

V is for Voice.  You’ve heard about it.  I think just about every art form talks about finding your voice – that which makes you distinct within your craft.  If I’m reading random comments on another blog, I might think hmmm, that sounds like Roxane, then I’ll look and sure enough, it’s her.  I recognize her writing voice just as well as I’d recognize her speaking voice if she called me on the phone.  I’d know JeMA‘s abstract, textured art anywhere.  I know her style. I know which elements she likes to include and which colors fit her composition.  Classical musicians can distinguish a Bach piece from a Beethoven, and classic rockers know their guitar heroes.

I found my voice through Her Voice magazine.  I started writing for our local women’s magazine about six years ago, and I’ve been a regular contributor ever since.  Meg Douglas, the editor, was the first person to call me an author, and I will always love her for those life-changing words.  After I sent in my first article, she wrote, “I’d love to publish more of your articles.”  I got busy writing.  I’d been working on a novel, written some short pieces, done skits and dramas that existed as long as the event.  Then, I started a blog.  Now, I have a full-length play, and I have a voice.  I write realistic fiction and non-fiction centered on relationships and real-life characters. I have a gentle touch, thoughtful, and pondering.  I could describe my piano playing that way, too.  Sprinkle in a flourish of blues and humor, and that’s me.

My latest article came out in Her Voice this week. It’s about my friend Georgia who has claimed her voice as an artist and a writer, and claimed space and time to work on it.  She inspires me. Click on over if you’d like to read it.  My story, or should I say Georgia’s story, starts on page 20. 

The timing of the letters and themes during this A-Z challenge has been amazing. 

Journaling Prompt:  What would an ideal artist’s retreat look like for you? Can you describe your voice as an artist?