Letter of the Day:  M

M is for musicals, memory and Mary!

I guess I previewed M with yesterday’s post on My Fair Lady, and the mention of Mary Poppins.  Two musicals where I can sing all the words to most of the songs.  Another favorite is Music Man, a great one for M day.  My sister Joy played the best Marion the Librarian I’ve ever seen, and that includes the performance I saw at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre.  She became Marion, heart and soul.  This musical is about community and redemption and the joy of music and building self-confidence.  Remember the boy who sang, Gary Indiana?  It helped him get over his stutter.

M is also for memory.  I’ve been playing piano at a local assisted living center, and I can feel the connection the residents make to the music.  Sometimes, I play a song or hymn that is well-known and I can hear people singing or humming along.  Sometimes, the song isn’t as familiar, but I see smiles, tapping of hands or feet, and one woman was “playing along” with her hands while I played.  In the memory care unit, I marvel at the people who have lost names and faces, but still remember all the words to Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.

And, finally, M is for Me!  Mary at the piano.

I’m having the spring recital for my students this weekend, at the same assisted living center.  I’m calming nerves and building confidence (I hope).  Send confident vibes to my students on Saturday!

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What’s your favorite musical?  Did you ever play in a recital?