Letter of the Day:  K

Today is K Day.  I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine who has kick-started me into the wonderful world of play-writing.

Kathy and I at the She Speaks event in Grand Forks, ND.

I didn’t know there was a K-day, but I am delighted to celebrate — especially since my name is Kathy Coudle-King — I’ve got 2 Ks. It’s fortunate I don’t have 3.

I’ve always liked having my name begin with a “K”; they’re fun to write. Sometimes I’m in the mood to make a little loop and other times I just do sticks. P is another fun letter. But thanks to email, now I always think someone is sticking their tongue out when I see it typed. p .

Never-the-less, I will continue to write p’s since I am a playwright. I wrote my first play as a sophomore in h.s. It went well, and the next year I wrote another and this was selected for a performance at the high school. People actually laughed at the words I wrote! What a great feeling! Sometimes I make a joke and people laugh, but you never know if they’re really laughing at the joke or to be nice. But when you write something and the words are coming out of someone else’s mouth, a character, say, then you know it’s really funny. Or the actor is. Hmm.

I’ve written about 50 plays, lots of 10-minute ones and about 7 full-length, a couple of one-acts. I had a novel published in 2000, Wannabe, and I’ve written essays, but I love the script format. You simply think of a plot and invite your characters in to do the work. It’s a little like being a spiritualists and channeling voices. Spooky, stuff, huh? Except none of my voices tell me to do anything violent. Some of them have shared what it’s like to be dying of cancer, though (that was my play Trees), others told me about what it was like to release their babies for adoption (St. Bette’s), and right now a woman is telling me about how she ended up bleeding to death on a bus. If there’s a theme, it’s that I enjoy telling the stories of those who don’t always get a forum to share, and often these characters tend to be women.

I also enjoy bringing history to life and letting historical characters speak. I’m going to be working on a commissioned piece about the Triangle Factory Fire that happened a 100 years ago in New York City. I look forward to bringing together the voices of 3 women (a triangle, get it?) from disparate backgrounds; Frances Perkins, Clara Lemleke, and Anna Belmont Vanderbilt. Look for it Sept. 29th at the Empire Arts Theatre in downtown Grand Forks, ND. It’s cleverly titled: Triangle.

So, eat some kippers, cook up some ‘kraust, and pet a kitten — it’s K Day!

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Thanks, Kathy!  I look forward to seeing more of your plays.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What historic people or events would like to see come to life on stage?  Do you hear voices in your head?