Letter of the Day:  I

I is for interlude and intermission, ink and ice-cream.

I‘d like to interrupt this A-Z challenge to let you know I had an incredible weekend away with some friends at the Mothers of Multiples convention in Duluth, MN.  In which, I took the time to eat delicious food, engage in delightful conversation, and interact with other mothers of many.  And, solve the Rubik’s Cube in my pajamas.

This is not the best of pictures considering it was taken with a cell phone and I’m in my pjs, and it’s not a real cube.  The picture of me holding the solved cube didn’t turn out at all.  Anyway, that’s my incredible, hidden talent – being able to solve the cube.  My cousin Perry taught me the steps, years ago, when I was in high school.  The theme of the convention was Back to the 80’s

I can also be for intermission, that break in the show where you can get up, move around, use the facilities, and if you’re lucky, get some ice-cream, one of my favorite indulgences.  I will have a brief interlude from writing posts this week as I’ve asked a few individuals to write guest posts.

Tomorrow: J is for Joy!

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What are some of your favorite indulgences?