Letter of the Day:  B
B is for Bobby, my first-born son.
B is also for Bravo, that shout of praise at the end of a performance.  Did you know that Bravo is the praise word for a man, and Brava is the word to use for a woman?  My sister Joy, who is learning Italian and is also a performer – singer, actor, all that jazz (also sings jazz), gave me that quick lesson.  If the performers are mixed, then Bravo is fine.

B is also for baby.  This is a picture of Bobby, my first-born, holding his new baby brother when he came into our lives 13 years ago.  Bobby is offically a Robert, but he was Bobby as soon as he flashed me those baby blues!  When his little brother, Zach, was born, he felt him grasp his finger and he asked, “Is he as strong as Superman?”  As soon as we brought him home, he said, “When can he wrestle?” 

A few years later, twin boys entered the picture. Now, I’m a MOBO, mother of boys only. And, oh, boy, can that be a blast!

Bobby is a great older brother.  He is a defender against bullies, and loves to play games.  He’ll graduate from high school next year, and plans to be some kind of engineer.  I can see him inventing new games.  Bravo, Bobby!

Journaling Prompt:  Do you have brothers or sisters?  Write about your wild rumpuses!