Quote of the Day:  Playwrights work in collaboration.  Their words to the director to the actors to the audience, and many people in between. – This is a paraphrase from Kathy Coudle-King, playwright and director, and my own sentiments.  That’s what I love about theatre.  You’re part of a creative team.

Mary Aalgaard with Kathy Coudle-King
Here we are celebrating after the readings during the She Speaks event in Grand Forks, ND, March 5, 2011.  They had some technical difficulties with the Skype attempt with Australia and Canada.  Some of it worked out fine, and it was cool to say “We’re waiting on Toronto,” but other times we had nothing or fuzz.  We’re not quite to The Jetson’s stage on that.  Also, I had technical difficulties with my dad’s video camera.  Didn’t push the right button, so no video.  However, I did receive the DVD of our table reading from two weeks ago. Thanks, Matt!
Michael Harvey, Wendy Swerdlow Pedersen, Mary, Nancy Swerdlow
These are the actors who read the cutting of Coffee Shop Confessions.  Mike read Sam. Wendy read Jewell. Nancy read Lolly, and Tori Remer read Micki, the teen girl, but like a teen girl, slipped off before we got a photo.
They did a fantastic job.  I laughed.  I cried.  I held my breath.  I felt my heart beating harder when Jewell walked on with the cell phone in her hand in a heated discussion with her husband.  It was a reading, not a production, but they did some wonderful acting with their eyes, expression, voices, character, and props – the cell phones.  They did get up and move during the mixed up cell phone bit.  Oh, they were wonderful.  Thank you fine actors for bringing my characters to life!!
They were also gracious in welcoming me to their stage, The Firehall Theatre in Grand Forks, ND.  The actors thanked me for sharing the script with them at the same time I was thanking them for lending their voices and talents to my words.
My first authors’ panel (not the most flattering picture, but, eh, what can you do?).
We had a “talk-back” discussion with playwrights, audience, actors and directors afterwards.  It was a positive, enlightening experience.  All the readings were great.  Each quite different and unique.  I enjoyed seeing and hearing what the other playwrights had done.
My best writer-mama-pal, Roxane Salonen, drove up from Fargo to celebrate with me!

My Grand Forks writer friend and fan, Janet Speath, came to watch the readings.  Thanks for your support, Janet!  It was Janet who got me connected to this event.

My sister Nancy and her husband KC at the Bethany Church Dumpling Dinner.  They came to the show, but I missed getting their photo at the Firehall, so snapped them up here.  They were great supporters and full of comments and tips to make the show even better.

A tray of what we Midwesterners call “bars.”
A sweet ending to a practically perfect weekend.  I have a few details to work out with my script if I want to use music.  It’s tricky.  I’ll need do my research, get permission, or better yet, find a composer and do original music.  Any takers out there?
Journaling Prompt:  What are the ingredients to a wonder weekend in your world?