Quote of the Day:  In every task that must be done there is an element of fun.  You find the fun, and snap, the job’s a game. One of my favorite lines in “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins.

Blogpost Subtitle:  2011 Spring Break Stay-cation, Many nights of Oscar films, and Boy v. Nature:

Between the time change and Spring Break, I had a hard time knowing what time it was, what day it was, and what to do with all these boys besides run back to the store for more milk.  I brought two of mine, plus a neighbor boy, to the Y with me for workouts at noon Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I thought they could use the pool while I went to my Group Power class.  That worked fine on Monday and Wednesday, but on Tuesday, we were all a little confused.  It was not a Group Power day, even though I asked for a GP card, and the pool wasn’t open for free swim.  So, I did yoga (Tuesday is yoga day), and they played in the gym and gave me a bad time for not checking the pool schedule.  I did check the schedule, I just didn’t know what day it was. 
On Thursday, I brought one of my piano students and her mom with me to a local assisted living center where we played piano.  It lifted me spirits, and I hope it gave them some joy as well.  A few of the residents napped through the concert.  Maybe we gave them some sweet dreams.  Up until that day, I’d been feeling gloomy about all the worlds’ crises, and wondering what’s the point.  Doing something for others puts life into perspective.  God wants us to live in community and live the best life we can, all the way into our sleepy years.
Afterwards, I brought three of my boys and three of their friends to a hotel water park.  That was our main excitement on this Stay-cation Spring Break.  They had fun running off steam.  I soaked it up.  My hair was poofy and curly after four hours, and I got a good chunk read of The Book Thief, very good.
Friday, was orthodontic appointments for all.  They weren’t as excited about that!  In the afternoon, I got to hold the brand new baby next door.  She was born on March 15.  The neighbors had a really exciting Spring Break.  New Baby even got a helicopter ride to the children’s hospital in Minneapolis.  That might have been too much excitement, but Mom and Baby Girl are home and happy and healthy, and oh, so cute.  Her big brothers, my boys’ friends, are feeling all proud and wanted to show her off.
Then, we borrowed their ice chisel.  They’re too busy holding Cute Baby Girl to chisel their driveway, so we (the Mom) decided to rediscover ours.
Layers of Winter were making life treacherous.  “Come on, boys!  You can’t just sit there and watch it melt.”
“Hey, Eric, go tell your big brothers how much fun we’re having!”

Look! It’s a family effort.  (Ok, I had to bribe them with meat.)
Just a few more shoves in the right direction and we’ll have a path!
We Won!!!
And, yes, I did go to the meat store for two steaks, five brats, a pound of hamburger, buns, and more milk (of course).  We grilled up all the meat.  I thought I’d have a bunch of leftovers.  I was wrong.  You’d think a mother of four boys would know by now that the meat is the most important part of the meal/day. 
I helped with the ice attack.  I’m sore.  I’m tired.  I’m ready to get back to a “normal” week, but I did have fun with my boys, and all the movies we watched were great.  I’ll share my reviews in a later post.  I’ve kept you here long enough.
Thanks for visiting.  Don’t slip on the ice! And, Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Write about a time when you conquered Nature.  What rewards are the best to you?