Quote of the Day:  Eliminate something superfluous from your life.  Break a habit.  Do something that makes you feel insecure. – Piero Ferrucci (found in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron)

I thought this was a cool way to use army guys.  It was hard to photograph, though.  This sculpture is taller and in dark entryway.  I had to break the rules and use my flash. Sorry, Jon (my teacher)!
March has been a time of change.  I tried a few new things, like a photography class and having a reading of my play.
I tried to look at things from a new perspective.
For a change, I wasn’t completely terrified to share my creative work.  I didn’t let myself get blocked when I realized that I’d need original music for my play – that turned into a musical.  And, I approached another artist, a composer, and asked him if I could use his songs in my play.  He said he’d ask the band.  It’s a start.  He might not be the one, but I have taken a huge step in reaching out, talking about my art, and inviting someone else in.
Today, I was the musician at my church.  I checked and double-checked about the time change, headed out early, and told my 10-year-olds that today they could bring their sleds to church.  They’ve been wanting to slide down the hills at Camp Confidence ever since we started meeting there this fall.
Then, I came home and made a Sunday dinner (in the afternoon) for myself.  I didn’t have the ingredients for my usual sauce, so I opened a cookbook, looked at the picture and read the ingredients. Then, I opened my cupboards and fridge and tossed together my own sauce: Calamata olives, a blend of spices, a splash of lemon juice and Worchestershire sauce.  I threw a sweet potato in the oven and stir-fried some broccoli.  The salmon was done, but the sweet potato was like a big stone, still solid.  I didn’t think it would be ready to eat until sometime on Tuesday, so I sliced off one end and threw it in the stir-fry.
Turned out delicious!

And, it looks so healthy!

Julia Cameron tells us that a good way to open up our creativity is to take a new path now and then.  Drive a new way home.  Take a walk in a different neighborhood.  Try something new.  Make a change. 

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What is one way you can do something different and embrace a change?