Quote of the Day:  John Updike’s birthday was last week. I found this quote at The Writer’s Almanac: I want to write books that unlock the traffic jam in everybody’s head. – John Updike

I hope that something in my writing, my plays, do that.I’m offering a post on a Tuesday.  I know, not my usual style, but I have some things to share.  First, the Versatile Blogger award from Jade at Blush of Dawn.

Second, I am a guest writer at Clara’s blog on living into your authentic self.

This bright and beautiful sunflower is here to cheer you up.  Here in Minnesota we’re getting a whipping from Mother Nature.  She’s sending down sleet and snow and a nasty bought of weather.  Go read my “Authentic Woman” post at Clara’s and think about what warms you up and makes you shine!
I have a third thing:  If you’ll look to the right, I have the 2011 Scriptfrenzy badge up.  Yep, I’m doing it again.  I can’t decide where to start.  I have THREE ideas brewing.  Choir Loft Confessions, Kitchen Table Confessions, and Piano Bench Confessions.  April 1, I’ll sit down at a local coffee shop and begin.  I’ll let you know then which one brings the cream to the top of my creative coffee cup.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  What warms you up on a cold day (phyically or spiritually)?  When you’re feeling down in the dumps (because of nasty weather, the worlds’ crises, or your own), what lifts you up?