Quote of the Day:  Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears. – Kudyard Kipling

Do school lockers make you afraid?

Do they evoke memories of bad school days, junior high angst, powerlessness?

I decided to take a photography class through community ed.  The classes are held at the former junior high school which has been converted into art space and studios.  Our first assignment was to figure out how to set our cameras to manual mode and read the lighting. 

I’m not exactly a Kindergartner in a photography class, but I’m still in elementary school.  I’m hoping to unlock the mysteries of creative photography in this junior high setting. 

Our homework is to take pictures, duh, and share them this week.  Since we have a glorious day that is above freezing – actually around 40F out there, I took a walk with my camera.

My first photo was of my neighbor’s house.  I had thoughts of knocking on the door to see if my friend was home, but thought I might be tempted to drink tea and visit instead of doing my homework, so I kept walking.  My first photos of her place were bright white.  I still had my camera set to indoor lighting.

Signs of melting, and things that are revealed caught my eye. 

Soon kids will be playing here.  My boys like being the first to clean the slide off with their bottoms.

I find beauty in nature, not the straight and perfect, rather what is broken, decaying, and yet, showing new life.

When I got home, I discovered broken dishes and a cat who had seized the opportunity to climb on the counter to lick my plate.  I’d had salmon on my toast, and I should have known she couldn’t resist the smell. 

Reason number one for doing your dishes right away.

What? Me? I’ve just been lying here, napping all afternoon.
This blog has been a bit quiet lately because I’m preparing for the read-through (unveiling) of my first full-length play this coming Sat. Feb. 19.  Wanna talk about fears?  I’ve been pushing down negative thoughts for at least two weeks.  But, I’ve set the date and called my talented friends, so there’s no backing down, now.  Eeep!
I’ll have one more post this week when my latest article in Her Voice is available online.  It’s titled “Real Men Read Her Voice.
Turn and face your fears, my friends, and
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  How do you celebrate warmer weather and feelings that spring is in the air?  What fears are you pushing down right now?