Quote of the Day:  You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Last April I signed up for Scriptfrenzy where your goal is to write a script in a month.  I wore the above t-shirt for the first time, packed up my laptop, and made myself a table top office at a coffee shop in downtown Brainerd, MN.  I did not complete the script in month, but I got a good start.  I typed “The End” on it last week, made copies, and invited a few talented and supportive friends over for breakfast and script reading.  It was one of the best days of my life!
I served an egg bake with ham, cheese, and hash browns, and made my famous fruit pizza.  I’m showing the readers the pizza because it has a star fruit theme.  I told them, “You are all stars.  I feel like I’m launching my career as a playwright today, and I’m so glad that you are here for it.”  And, for those of you who read my blog and know me, you have also been here for it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I feel your encouragement and creative energy every time I sit down to write.
After much blood, sweat, tears, and coffee, the play is ready to be released to the world.  I had just finished typing “The End,” when Janet, a writer friend in Grand Forks, wrote that they were having a theatre opportunity for women writers in Grand Forks, called She Speaks, on March 5, and would I be interested in submitting a 10 page cutting of my script.  Whoa, I thought, I just finished it.  I’m having the first read-through on Sat. morning, but YES, I am interested.  I made the cutting this afternoon and sent it off to the director. 
The story and characters came alive in a new way as my friends read this script.  Several times during the reading, that was often interrupted by commentary, the people reacted to the words as themselves, then realized that it was script, and went back into character.  That’s how natural it read.  Oh, my heart was beating fast.  Can you tell from the photo how flushed I am?  I’m still coming down from this Mountaintop feeling.
Here they all are:
Joey, my photographer friend who played Lolly.
Lisa, my neighbor and freind who brought the cream cheese coffee cake and played Jewell.
Laura, my friend with enormous gifts and talents in theatre, played Laura.
Matt and Beth live over two hours away, but just happened to be coming through town, read Nick and Roxy.  Beth was my student back when I was an English teacher.  She starred in the one play that I directed in her high school.  She’s also writing a play.
Ed, the coffee drinker sweet dad guy who played Sam.  He’s a retired elementary school teacher and a musician.
And, Denise, the birthday girl, who said this was a great way to start out her birthday celebration.  She played Aubrey.
I could go on and on, but I’ll save some things for a later post.  We laughed.  We cried.  We shared stories.  Denise said it felt like we were surrounded by a white light of positive energy.  I’m telling you, folks, it’s still here.  I’m still glowing.  And, the view from this Mountaintop is spectacular.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Promt:  Describe a mountaintop experience, one you’ve had or one you dream of having.