Quote of the Day:  Mingle a little folly with your wisdom; a little nonsense now and then is pleasant. – Horace, Roman poet and satirist

So, I started to look for the Light – you know, places where I see generosity, good people, moments of levity, a good old-fashioned belly laugh.  The Mothers of Multiples (MOMS) group went to Prairie Bay for our holiday dinner.  I handed my camera to the hostess.  She had some fun snapping candid shots.  We lined up in front of the fire place, then politely asked this man if he wanted to join the MOMs’ club and be in the shot?  He said something funny that I missed, which caused this fun shot of laughter!

Here’s our photographer – lookin’ good in front of and behind the camera lens!

I passed around a card I bought for our sister in mothering multiples who was just diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.  The front says: There is a circle of caring all around  And, inside and you’re right in the middle.  We also passed the Christmas plate for donations to some families in our midst who could use a little Christmas cheer.

And, I’ve spent time at noon during Advent with my pastor/friend and other women who need time to connect during this season.  Great discussions, meaningful moments.  So glad I have you, Erika!

Bill, facebook friend, is sharing corny jokes during this season.  Here’s a sample:  Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other: ‘You stay here; I’ll go on a head.’

One more:  A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: ‘Keep off the Grass.’

I’m drawn to the Light during this Advent season.  How are you doing?

Journaling Prompt: Share a fun holiday memory or story from your near or distant past.  Or, post a joke!