Quote of the Day:  Tea for two, and two for tea, mint for me, Matilda for you. – song I’m singing as I plot against my easy rider mouse.

I’d like to thank Nezzy at Cowpatty Surprise for leaving a comment on my post about my misadventures with a mouse.  Her blog is rip-roarin’ fun, filled with good Southern farm girl humor, and a catchy tune that becomes the theme of each post – a girl after my own rythmic heartstrings.  She told me that mice don’t like mint, and that if I douse my van, etc. with the smell, they’ll stay away.

So, I looked in my cupboards.  The only thing I had with mint was mint tea.  So, I brewed some.  Then, I threw the tea bag in the van.  And, just for good measure, threw in a few extra.  I had both spearmint and peppermint tea bags, and not knowing which one the mice hate more, I threw them both in.  Then, when I was done drinking, I noticed a little liquid at the bottom of my teapot, so I “spilled” it on the floormat under my feet.  When I went out for coffee the next morning, I ordered the mint mocha, of course.  You know how at the bottom it gets a little thick from the chocolate?  Well, I just left the lid off and set it right there in the cup holder of my van – the more mint smell the better, right? 

After all the poking around I did with the lightsaber, and forcing my children to clear out all the junk and check under every seat, I decided it was a good time to bring the van in for a good washing.  Plus, I’d rather have the guys at the car wash vacuum it out.  I don’t want to put my face down there near where a mouse might be.  I asked for “The Works” which includes an air freshener spray.  I told them anything with a hint of mint.  They said “new car” was the closest they had, then suggested stuffing dryer sheets under the seats and around in the van. 

You guessed it, when I got home, I grabbed about seven dryer sheets, put one under each seat and around that carpet area under the dash and near the pedals because that seems like a very handy place for a mouse to enter.

I made more mint tea, invited Matilda and the mouse, and we’ll see what happens.  But, just to be safe, I found a bottle of mint scented lotion which I have generously slathered on my arms and especially my legs.  I also have a giant fear of one of those little critters crawling up my pants leg.

Alright, I’ll set the mouse wars aside for a minute and share with you a link about spicing up your life and feeling healthier too.  I discovered this article while scooting around the internet this morning.  Add spices to your health!

Okay, here’s the shopping list:

Go. Create. Inspire! (and sprinkle a few mint leaves around every door and window crevice – either that or use the toothpaste as caulking!)

Journaling Prompt:  Do you have any “home” rememdies that work for you?