Quote of the Day:  There are those who have little and give it all.  These are the believers in life and the bounty of life and their coffers are never empty. – Kahlil Gibron, A Lebanese born American

I am a regular contributor to our local women’s magazine, Her Voice.  It’s my best gig.  Meg Douglas, the editor, is kind, supportive, encouraging, and says yes to nearly every story pitch I’ve made to her.  I have written stories from personal essays to interviews with other women who do interesting things.

In the current issue, my article is about a group of women who took their vacation time and money and spent them in Guatemala where they worked in schools, the community, and helped build a home.  They said it was the greatest gift they could give themselves, each other, and the people they met.  

In this issue, you will meet a lefse queen.  If you don’t know what lefse is, read the article, and try out her recipe.  Like many issues, this one has stories of loss, struggles, and humor.  It is published locally, but has a global feel.  Click here to read my article on pages 34 & 35, and flip the pages to learn about interesting women with connections to central Minnesota.  The web designers have changed the format, thus messing up the original link which was her-voice.com, but I’ve heard that they’re working on it.  The new format is much improved and you can easily click pages to zoom in.

My next article is titled, Real Men Read Her Voice.  If any of you readers want to weigh in on that article, leave a comment here, or on my facebook page.

Thank you for reading my work.  I have found through my stories in Her Voice that this is where I come alive.  I think of a topic, chat around about it, maybe even have an official interview, write the story, and set up a photo shoot. I’m soaring, happy, above the clouds, feeling all those connections, sharing stories, and inspiring others.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Tell me what stories grab your interest, get you to read out of your normal TBR pile, and what makes you feel connected.