Quote of Day: A blog is a writer’s playland. I’ll tribute that quote to my best writer-mama-pal, Roxane.  She’s the first one to say it to me and the one who got me connected with all you readers and bloggers out there. Thank you!  This is my Blogaversary.  One year ago this Thanksgiving weekend, I launched by blog.

Writer-mama-pals Mary & Roxane at Highlights workshop in PA

You can read my first post here.  Once I released my blog to the universe, I was amazed at how quickly I made connections and felt part of something bigger than my own little world, here in central Minnesota, USA.  I’ll list the best of Play off the Page, year one.

My favorite using photos and writing about the Creative Spirit.
The title that attracted the most male readers, I Left my Bra in Omaha, and on the healing power of friendship and self-care.
When I wrote about the book, The Curse of the Good Girl, and teaching girls to live authentic lives, I got a response from the author of that book.  She passed my blog post on to her readers.  It was a shining moment in my blog connection experience.
Likewise, when I wrote about the Hot Shops in Omaha, the artist whose glass piano I featured found me through a series of connections.  Click here for the follow-up post.

As you can see, I really get around.  I added the flag counter this summer and get excited whenever a new flag appears.  Thanks for visiting from your dot on the globe!  Thanks for connecting with me.  And, to continue the connections, I’ll list below two humorous blog posts I’ve read in the past week.

Tara at The Feel of Something New for her tribute to her twins’ birthday and a funny video on crazy conversations about multiples.
The Kill Zone for a post on “Tipos.”

Another photo from PA.  It made me chuckle.

The journey continues.  The path beckons.  Stories are everywhere.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Where is the path taking you this year?