Quote of the Day:  I have cultivated my hysteria with joy and terror. – Charles Baudelaire

How fitting this quote is as I continue my search for a captivating story and an elusive mouse.  I found it in a book called Writers on Writing, or W.O.W. in the section titled “Angst.” 

I am now driving around in a van that smells like a peppermint patty on wheels.  My pant legs are tucked securely into my socks as protection from a mouse suddenly appearing at the pedals of my car and crawling up my leg.

My eyes may or may not be burning from the strong dosage of peppermint extract splashed in the van.  My boys may or may not have covered their faces and asked, “What is that smell?”  They did their best to convince me that if they couldn’t stand to be in the van more than five minutes, neither could a mouse.  And, a guest passenger might have been screwing up his face in wonder and finally asking, “Why does it smell so much like peppermint in here?”
I got to thinking, what if that little devil is hiding somewhere in the van.  So, I asked my friend JeMA’s husband, Jon, if he’d look under my hood.  (It’s okay, JeMA approved.) He checked everywhere!  It wasn’t in the battery or tucked up under the hood.  He shined his little light under each seat.  He held up something by the tail…no wait…that’s not a tail, it’s a tea bag.  (Remember, the mint tea bags I threw in there before I got the mint extract.)  He also noticed several dryer sheets stuffed in there…and a few mouse turds on top of a piece of chocolate under the seat that he’s leaning on.
Thanks for checking things out, Jon!
 I was in desperate need of a new look and place to relax, so I got my hair done this morning.  JeMA’s daughter saw me and exclaimed, “Ooo, I like the raspberry stripes in your hair!”  She’s so sweet.  My boys, of course, barely noticed.

But, it put a smile on my face.  And, look! here I am outside in November in Minnesota with just a t-shirt.  It was a glorious day!

One of the characters in my play is based on my hair stylist, Aubrey.  Whenever I’m with her, I’m motivated to finish the play and get a read-through set up.
Thanks, Aubrey, for lifting my spirits, calming my nerves, and giving me inspiration for my play Coffee Shop Confessions.  I think we could collaborate on a sequel, Salon Chair Confessions.  I’m sure you’ve heard it all!
Journaling Prompt:  Where are you experiencing angst, and how is it coming out in your art?