Quote of the Day:  An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.
–An ancient Chinese belief

Have you ever heard these words? “Where you are right now, is exactly where you are supposed to be.”  Whenever I start to feel a bit of anxiety about where I am, whether it’s driving somewhere, or at home when I think I should be away, or away when I think I should be at home, I think of this phrase.  If I embrace it, and believe it, I have so much peace.  Furthermore, I find myself accepting the gift of where I am and the other people who have gathered there.

The other people who arrived at the store, or event, or women’s weekend also are there for a purpose.  Could it be to meet you?  Do you need to share your stories?  The thing is, you need to be open to receiving their stories, their gifts, their concern for you, and you need to be willing to share what you have to offer.  A sense of community happens quickly when people let down their barriers and really talk to each other, beyond recipes and the weather.  They say what is on their hearts, and they truly listen to each other.

Have you ever sat still and let someone pray over you, offering up grace and love and hope?

There is nothing weird or freaky or uncomfortable in this.  It is truly an act of love.  The touch is gentle, the words encouraging.

It’s like sitting still and listening to beautiful music.  My sister sang, Come to Us, Creative Spirit, in her gorgeous soprano voice, accompanied by Kay, the musician I most admire.  When I went up to her after the service, she grabbed my hand with gentle strength and held it for just a bit, and I felt loved and cared for and lifted up.

Open your heart to the music.  Listen to the prayers offered up in your name.  Feel the love behind them.  You’re worthy.  You’re beautiful.  You have so much to offer this world.

Journaling Prompt:  Write a prayer for someone you love – to whatever high power you believe helps us and guides us – God, Creative Spirit, Holy Spirit, Great Creator, ancient ancestors, those spirits who dwell in and among us.