Quote of the Day: Be sure to secure your own oxygen mask first, then assist others. Pre-flight safety instructions

In the case of drowning, maintain your own safety and reach, throw, assist while attached to your own life-saving device.

These are important words of survival. What good are you to others if your breathing is impaired or you’re over your head, drowning in the sea of life? How can you effectively care for others if your own health is suffering?

Would you ever consider going off by yourself, without your family? You might bring a friend, or you might just need time to take care of yourself. So many women give of themselves so much that they completely neglect their own needs. They wake from much needed sleep to nurse a baby or calm a nightmare. I’ve helped kids get to school and take care of them in between runs to the bathroom to puke, or while my body is shaking from the chills and fever of the flu. No one else will do it, right? Not really. I could have called a friend. I could have insisted that their dad come get them. I could have said, “I just can’t do it.” But, a real woman doesn’t say that, does she?

When women hear messages like, “Take care of your neighbor,” and “Don’t live a selfish life,” followed by, “You are only truly living when you live for others,” they take it to mean that they shouldn’t even buy themselves a pair of new socks, much less get a massage, or go off on a weekend by herself. If she were to do any of those “selfish” things, she feels she must earn it, win it in a radio contest or something like that, or sell her own plasma so that the guilt of it all won’t ruin the experience. We give our friends and family our time, our health, and our possessions. But, what if what they really needed was a happy, healthy mom (friend, daughter, wife, etc)?  Have you ever considered the message you’re sending your daughters or your sons by being totally self-sacrificing?  What could they learn from your self-care and watching you pursue your dreams?

What fills you up? Do you need someone to rub your sore muscles? Would you relax as you soaked your feet and had someone paint your toes? Do you need to eat dinner at a restaurant where they wait on you? And, if you do, don’t wipe up your own mess! Coffee with a friend? New socks? Or, do you need a morning of listening to music and sipping hot tea because you’re stuffed up from allergies?

Here I am with my cousin Angie, sister Joy, sisterly friend JeMA, and me at a recent women’s retreat at Mount Carmel!

The women’s retreat from this month, a recent massage and pedicure, and time with a good friend have done much to heal me and fill me with the energy and love I need to care for others.

Journaling Prompt: What’s your oxygen mask? Find a way to take care of yourself today and write about it. How do you feel?