Quote of the Day:  If work is fun, is it really work?  from yours truly – more of a question to ponder, really, than a quote, or a need for an answer.

If you read my post on Friday, you will remember that taking time to play was on the schedule for the weekend.  Many of you had play dates that you mentioned.  We installed a bit of playground fun in my twins’ bedroom

This project sparked all sorts of creativity.  The boys and I designed their loft bed with a slide.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to slide into mornings?  Plus, we live in central Minnesota.  Winter winds and piles of snow will soon cover outdoor playgrounds.  I got this idea from a friend who put something similar in her basement playroom.  I roughly sketched the design and talked with craftsman Sid.  He drew up the plans and built it for us.  The big boys and our friend Jon carried it in.  Jon used his problem solving skills to get that long piece into the bedroom which, of course, was the most difficult room to turn into upstairs!

A few weeks ago, my boys and their buddy painted their room.  I let them choose from all the remnant colors in the basement.  We had at least five cans of paint open.

Once the room was cleared and the bed installed, the space opened up creative play from all my boys!

We were blessed with gorgeous fall weather, so the boys also played outside – all the usual sports:  football, soccer, shooting baskets, and something involving lightsabers, a baracade, and lots of running!
I played piano for my church.  Charlie and I shared the water I brought.  During Communion, he came over and got a drink.  I was singing and playing, but whispered between verses that he should take a drink and sit down.  He said he needed to do something first.  He came in closer and kissed me on the cheek – in front of God, the congregation and everybody!
Sweet memories linger: 
Creative Expression on bedroom walls,
An indoor playground that makes you happy to get up in the morning,
Happy, healthy boys who run and play and enjoy being together,
and, a sweet Communion kiss.
Journaling Prompt:  What sweet memories do you have of playing and being with someone you love?