Quote of the Day:  from The Eagle Scout by S. Kurtz Hingley
Yes, it’s only a pin, just an Eagle Scout Badge,
But the heart that’s beneath it is true,
And will throb to the last for the things which are good
A lesson for me – and for you.

Our community celebrated as John Wells received his Eagle Scout badge on Sept. 5.  His mom is my friend.  We know his family, and my boys are in scouts, so we felt connected to this young man and honored to witness his ceremony.  I wiped away a tear more than once as I saw the pride in his parents’ eyes and watched them exchange honors and pins.
First, Mom pinned her son.

Then, he pinned her to honor all the work she has done for him that has helped him on his journey to Eagle Scout, and manhood.  The work of fundraising alone deserves a whole dress full of pins.  Christmas wreath, anyone?
He presented his dad with a scout certificate and thanked him for being a Scoutmaster and taking him on all those camp outs, meetings, and adventures. 
Scoutmaster Dad also received a pin.
John received letters of congratulations from state senators, the governor of Minnesota, and from the office of the President of the United States.  The one that impressed Scoutmaster Dad the most was the signed letter by Hank Aaron.  “No one’s touching that one,” he said.
Although you have help along the journey to Eagle scout: supportive parents, fellow scouts, great leaders, programs organized and instructed by older scouts and adults, to achieve this badge, you must do the work.  You need to commit to your goal.  You can’t let a soggy tent, a flat tire, or crummy leaders block your path.  If you’re in a patrol that disappears because of lack of members, you join a new patrol, or you go it alone.  If you keep your goal in sight, accept the challenges for what they are and allow them to build your character and make you stronger, you will achieve your goal.  People will put up displays of your struggles and triumphs.  They will take pictures and eat cake and say, “Congratulations on a job well done!” 
No one ever said it would be easy.
But, they did say, “Reaching the top will be worth the climb.”
Go, Create, Inspire! 
The top of the mountain is waiting for you to arrive.
Journaling Prompt:  Do you know any Eagle Scouts?  Do you know anyone who has worked hard to achieve a dream?  Write about that person or experience.