Quote of the Day:  “…an ‘in-between’ zone, a state in which we are neither who we used to be, nor who we are becoming.  It’s like standing in a doorway, or being in a passageway, or even in a long dark tunnel, between two phases of our lives.” – Jean Shinoda Bolen, 20th-century American educator and writer

The decision here would be easy – Why, yes, I’d love to please step down into The Swiss Chocolate Box.  I’ve had a great summer.  Visiting this candy store in Portland, OR was just one of many great adventures.
Summer’s rhythm is a jazz session with moments of slow, bluesy chords that slide along, no hurries, no worries.  It also has hot spots of frenzied beat, loud, blaring horns that set you to dancing until you collapse, breathless, then suddenly stops. 
I had dreams the other night of filling out forms and schedules and keeping track of the calendar.  School is starting in a few days.  Football has already kicked off.  My piano families are calling for lesson times.  The fall is a strict march – no messing with the beat.
Will this stricter rhythm keep me on the narrow path?  Will it bring more order to my life?  Or, will I find measures of rest and moments free for improvisation?

Journaling Prompt:  What changes of rhythm are you anticipating?