Quote of the Day:  Know what you have and where it is. Laurie Fitterer, my financial advisor

I write for our local women’s magazine, called Her Voice.  I love that title.  I found my voice by getting published in Her Voice.  In my most recent article, The Power of the Purse, I encourage women to fully understand their financial status.  If you’d like to read the article, click here.  It is on p. 32 & 33.  Click on the text to enlarge it.
I feel especially proud of this article because I used to be one of those women who gave away her power over money.  My husband earned the money, had control over the money, and worked at a bank.  In part, I believed he had better knowledge of where to invest it.  In part, he liked having the control.  When we got divorced, I had anxiety about figuring out what I had and where it was, and needing to do it under great emotional strain.  I went from knowing very little, to understanding my investments.
Laurie advises us to know who is on our professional team, attorney, accountant, banker, etc.  Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to find out who they are and try to figure out what you have.  If you’re single, find out the best way to use your money.  Develop a relationship with these professionals, and never believe that you need to talk yourself into trusting someone.  If you have a bad feeling about someone, find a different person to help you.  You always have options.
Money and finances are important for all adults to understand.  I don’t think any of us got enough education on this as we were pushed out into the world.  Laurie said that most college students get bombarded with credit card offers and quickly get into trouble.  Be money smart, and never give away all the power over your purse.

Journaling Prompt:  Write about money.