Quote of the Day:  I started writing because of a terrible feeling of powerlessness:  I felt I was drifting and obscure, and I rebelled against that.  I didn’t see what I could do to change my condition.  I wanted to control rather than be controlled, to ordain rather than be ordained, and to relegate rather than be relegated. – Anita Brookner

Oh, how this quote speaks to me and about me.  All of the things that blocked me and silenced me were released as I found my voice through writing.  During my years as an English teacher, I encouraged my students to write, to stretch themselves and to discover their voices.  Then, they turned that around on me and challenged me to do the same.  One of those students is Beth.  She is a writer and an actor and a musician, and now, a mom with two beautiful daughters.  They stopped by to visit me last Sunday.

I was her teacher for only a few months.  She was the star in the school play that I directed.  When I moved away, we stayed connected.  We sent writing to each other.  She kept me connected to her education.  She babysat for me one weekend when she was a college student, and I had four kids to care for. And, she invited me to her wedding and asked my son, the one who was born the year I was her teacher, to be the ring-bearer.
Last Sunday, she took the time to visit me, share her sweet family with me, and catch up.  I held sweet, baby girl, and talked to big sister (well, listened is the better word), gave her a booklet and stickers, which she categorized on the way home, and hugged my friend who was both student and teacher.

Her husband is a super guy, too, fun-loving, and gave me tips on archiving my photos.  He’s super-organized in this area!  Plus, he’s a techie – good to have a few of them on your team!
Journaling Prompt:  Summer is the season of reunions.  Did you reconnect with anyone?  Make new memories?  Who are you missing?