Quote of the Day:  We are adventuring in the chartless seas of imagination. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Children teach us so much about experiencing Joy in creating.  As you enter Lake Carlos from the shores of Mount Carmel, you must walk over layers of rock.  You can think of it as a bad thing as they dig into your feet.  Or, you can see it as a good thing, as it gives you endless tools for building a tower of rocks as you sit in the cool water.
You might discover that your new friend who is really your second cousin likes to build, too, and you make a pier together.
Maybe you and your daughters create a sand turtle to live on the beach. 
What you have really discovered is that making something doesn’t cost anything.  It takes as long as it needs to, and it lasts forever in your mind, or as a picture, or only until the next wave comes up and washes it away.
I was talking to my oldest son about the magic of computers and how information that seems lost can be recovered.  He said, “That just shows you that once something is created, it’s never completely gone.”
Summer is slipping into the past, lingering in our memories, and yet, we cherish what we’ve made.
Journaling Prompt:  Where did you go this summer?  What memories did you make?  Which ones will linger the longest in the snapshot of your mind?