Quote of the Day:  My journaling mentor, Katrine Trobisch Stewart, wrote the following inscriptions to me:

For Mary, It is delightful to get to know your authentic God-given voice.  In His love, Katrine (Words inside her book A Book of Life – Spiritual Journaling in the Twenty-First Century)

For Mary, May you continue to find joy in the most unexpected places of your journey. Lovingly, Katrine (Words she inscribed in her mother’s book, Hidden Strength by Ingrid Trobisch, which she gifted to me at Mount Carmel this summer)

I first met Katrine the summer of 2004 at Mount Carmel where she was the morning speaker and afternoon journaling guide.
 I have been writing in journals since I was very young, so I was excited to learn from Katrine about deeper and more meaningful ways to write in a journal.  In a group setting, we talked about journals, how to use them more deeply to understand ourselves and our relationships, and to share them with others.  I learned so much from her that week and wanted to create that group experience with other people.
Slowly, I’ve stretched myself out into the world and encouraged others to write in journals.  I’ve led a few journaling sessions during retreats.  I learned how to make journals and teach others how to make them to encourage their creativity.
This past weekend, I presented to a group of women at a local church on keeping a prayer journal.  I told them that I think of a prayer journal like writing letters to God. 
Dear God, I write, Thank you for my many gifts and talents and for the courage to share them with others.  Let me be your ink and your song as I lead others.
I shared a few examples like that one with the women, focusing on cares, concerns, and celebrations
I read them some poetry:
As Imperceptibly as Grief by Emily Dickenson
Susanna by Anne Porter
Music by Anne Porter
Here’s a great line from Susanna:
There’s not a single inch
Of our whole body
That the Lord does not love
Then, I played and sang a couple songs for the women and gave them some time to listen, think, write, and just be.
Thank you, Katrine, for being at Mount Carmel that year, and again this year, and for taking the time to mentor me in the art of journaling and leading others on the journaling journey.
Journaling Prompt:  Write about a mentor in your life, or about your experiences journaling.