Quote of the Day:  You decide to do something, perform one small action, and suddenly it’s a tide, the momentum is going, and there’s no possibility of turning back.  Somehow, even though you thought you foresaw all that would happen, you didn’t know the pace would pick up so.  Amanda Cross, American writer

Here I am at Stella’s Italian restaurant in Fargo, ND with my two artist friends, JeMA and Roxane. Click on their names to get their versions of the date.
We’re having our own version of an Eat Pray Love experience.  Roxane called it an “Extreme Artist Date.”  The idea comes from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, where you take yourself out and experience whatever it is that inspires you.  In this case, our friendship, good food, and artistic places on the Plains.
After dinner, we saw Letters to Juliet, then spent some time at the Sky Prairie lounge on the roof of the Hotel Donaldson, where we were guests.
The weekend started to take on a Mediterranean feel with the pasta, the garlic, the wine, and the movie that transports us to the rolling hills of Italy, where romance comes to those who wait.
The night was sticky and hot, but we enjoyed hanging out on the rooftop – something we couldn’t do in January in Fargo!
We shared our plans as we build our lives around our art.  We encouraged one another to create, share, and become successful.  The Hotel Donaldson promotes local artists and authors.  We could imagine our works being displayed there.
In the morning, we stood on the balcony, feeling the heat of the day and the hope of possibilities.
We had lunch at a Greek restaurant.
The lemonades and teas come in many exotic flavors.  JeMA had pomegranate, Roxane – blueberry, and I thought I’d take a little passion fruit in mine.  Mmm.  Great compliments to the Greek salad and light, but tasty skewers.
We visited the Plains Arts Museum.  I was fascinated by the display that paired The Beetles White Album songs to various artwork.
Then, we had coffee at a local shop that displays local art.  JeMA showed us her latest pieces.  Her smaller ones, called JeMs, are particularly fascinating.  Roxane asked to buy one and named it “The Story.”
With the Prairie winds in our hair, joy in our hearts, and art exuding from our pores, we blow back into the world, ready to create, share, and inspire.
Journaling Prompt:  Describe a get-away, near or far, that inspired you.