Quote of the Day:  Let mutual love continue.  Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.  – Hebrews 13:1-3

Do you have a sense of belonging in your community? While you’re taking a walk, do you stop and notice your neighbor’s garden?  Do you have someone nearby who makes you feel like family?  I felt all those things this weekend, from teaching piano to kids in the area to attending a church service in the Pastor’s backyard.

I drove up to a Book Arts Festival in Hackensack, MN with my friend’s daughter, 13, who is an aspiring writer.  She seems like a niece to me because her mom and I are so close.  We talked with authors, bought some of their books, looked at the arts and crafts, tried on hand-made jewelry and ate kettle corn and ice cream. 

For our Sunday morning service, our little congregation, called Rejoice, met in the Pastor’s backyard.  Carol, his wife, played the keyboard, with a little help, and hindrance, from the wind.  During the sermon, the piano book hit a note on the keyboard.  The Pastor paused, looked back at the phantom player and said, “That must have been a good point.”

It was so relaxing to sit outside and sing together, listen the the message, and watch the runners go by.  Yes, today was a local triathlon and the route was along the street in front of the pastor’s house.  You know, you can’t just stare at the Pastor during the whole sermon.  Plus, the runners were interesting.

After the service, we pulled our lawn chairs over to the tables set up outside and enjoyed Carol’s home-made cinnamon rolls, coffee, and great conversation.

In keeping with God’s request that we share our bounty, one of the members brought in extra cucumbers to share with anyone who wants them.  Here they are, along with the books I bought at the book fair.

And, this evening.  My nearest friend and neighbor, Lisa, called to ask if I had any lime juice.  I did, dated July 2007.  She said she’d take it (how bad could it be?), and invited me to join them for dinner.  After that, a walk, time with my boys, and a recap for you readers.

Journaling Prompt: What did you enjoy about your community this weekend/summer?  Did you plant a garden and share your harvest or enjoy the bounty of another’s garden?