Quote of the Day:  If I don’t create something soon, I’m going to explode! – Mary Aalgaard, after computer catastrophes, time away, and a house full of distractions, I mean boys!

So, I invited myself over to my friends’ house and made fruit pizza.  Yes, it really IS as good as it looks.  Cookie bottom, cream cheese “sauce” and your favorite fruit.  I’m licking my fingers – and the pan when every morsel has been scraped away.
I’m still working my way through The Artist’s Way, and one of our tasks was to make a list of 20 things you like to do.  Making fruit pizza was #12.
1. write
2. play piano
3. eat pizza (only because I was at a pizza place at the time and dreaming of #12)
4. take pictures
5. attend live concerts (listen to music)
6. travel
7. nap
8. go out for coffee
9. walk
10. Group Power (weight lifting class at the Y)
11. bike
12. make fruit pizza (And eat it and share it)
13. ride horse
14. make things, like journals (see pic below)
15. knit
16. teach
17. do Kids’ theatre
18. act
19. sing
20. laugh
I’m presenting at a women’s retreat day at a local church on Saturday on keeping a prayer journal.  Here’s a photo of what I’m making.
 Isn’t that paper just yummy?  I also love going to the downtown Art & Frame store to shop for paper.
If my computers had been in operation, I would have written a tribute to my journaling mentor earlier this week.  Here she is at Mount Carmel gazing out at the lake, soaking in all the goodness of our week together.  I’ll tell you more about her later.
I’ve also been to scout camp, back home for a visit with family and extended family, and to the grocery store about 47 times since the beginning of June.
Oh, and while I was away, I tweaked my blog.  See the flag counter?  I was excited to see that someone from South Africa stopped by.  Hello!  I love being part of the global community.
Journaling Prompt:  List your top 20 things you like to do.  Then, pick one and go do it!!