Quote of the Day:  Joy is Peace dancing.  Peace is Joy at rest. Words shared in community at Mount Carmel Camp on the waters of Lake Carlos in central Minnesota.

Nothing says summer camp better than tie-dyed t-shirts!  We also had camp food, swimming in the lake, fellowship, new friends, stormy weather, gorgeous weather, and a canteen that sold popcorn, candy and ice cream.

Here’s our new friend, Feyat, from the Cameroon, popping corn, as he said it during canteen.

Mount Carmel is a Christian camp/retreat center that has been part of my family’s summer since I was four years old.  My mom came here for the first time when she was 10 with her parents for a family camp experience in a Christian community.  In the morning, we listen to speakers while the children have Bible school with camp counselors.  In the afternoons, we enjoy all the beauty of God’s creation in and around the camp.  In the evening, we have a worship service, games for the kids, extras like a talent show, classical recital and, of course, campfires!

Families gathered here to reunite for a week of fellowship and fun.  Old friends met up, some finding each other the same week year after year to camp together, and new friends are made.

Look! She journals, too.
Melinda is just one of the beautiful people that I met in this camp community.  I have so many more to introduce to you.  The boys and I had a great time at summer camp, just being together.
Journaling Prompt:  Describe a summer camp experience or a family tradition from summer trips.