Quote of the Day:

You Are There
You are there.
You have always been
Even when you thought
you were climbing
you had already arrived.
Even when you were breathing hard,
you were at rest.
Even then it was clear
you were there.
Not in our nature
to know what
is journey and what
Even if we knew
we would not admit.
Even if we lived
we would think
we were just
To live is to be
Certainty comes
at the end.
I discovered this poem on The Writer’s Almanac last week.  I recommend a daily dose of Garrison Keillor reading poems, telling us about events in history that happen on this day, and highlighting birthdays of famous authors and artists.
To hear Ms. Jong read some of her poetry out loud, and watch a great book trailer, click on her name, above.  I like what she says about the internet giving poetry a new voice.
I think of poetry as the highest art form of writing.  I have written a few poems, but don’t consider it my strength.  I do love reading poems.  My favorite book is The Music Lover’s Poetry Anthology.  I call it my comfort book. I read nearly every night before going to sleep, and some nights I have only enough eyeball strength for a poem.
What I like about You Are There is the message that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  It’s all part of the journey. 
Haven’t you arrived once you’ve written a sentence that turned into a paragraph that turned into a story that you shared with even one person?
Haven’t you arrived when you’ve learned to play or sing a new song, and then shared it?
Haven’t you arrived when the green sprouts of your garden pop their heads above the soil, which you might enjoy as flowers or food to share with someone?
Haven’t you arrived when you hang your artwork in a local coffee shop where people are drawn in, fingers outstretched, gently touching, having a tactile conversation with your work?
My artist friend JeMA and I were having dinner at the restaurant where her art is hanging.  I noticed people were looking at it and moving closer.  I told JeMA to watch.  The woman was touching the texture of her art.
Here’s JeMA in front of her seaside pictures that hang in my favorite writing spot, the Coco Moon coffee shop.
Looks to me like she has arrived, AND is on the journey.  It is so much fun to sit there, writing, and watch people move in closer to the painting, to examine it, and feel it.
Journaling Prompt:  Describe where you are on your journey.  How have you arrived?