Quote of the Day:  I could have danced all night! And still have begged for more.  I could have spread my wings, and done a thousand things I’ve never done before.from I Could Have Danced All Night from the musical My Fair Lady
This past week I was in Portland, OR visiting my little sister, Joy.  There she is cuttin’ a rug with her friend.  Our cousin Angie and I traveled together from Minnesota to see Joy and have a West Coast experience.  She took us out dancing where we were stretched out of our comfort zone learning dance steps and being led around the dance floor with new partners.  We were taught the East Coast Swing at the lesson, so when the guy asked me to dance the Rumba, I said, “I don’t know that one.”  That didn’t stop him.  He said, “I’ll teach you,” and off I went whirling and twirling, slow-slow-fast, or something like that. (I did not step on his foot.)
The first thing she did was make us eat with our hands off the same plate at a Moroccan restaurant.  It was delicious and messy, but they wash your hands.
We sang show tunes together, like I Could have Danced all Night and The Music of the Night where Joy hit that amazing B.  I still have goosebumps.
I found myself noticing feet.  These red suede shoes belong to a waiter at a lovely French bistro where we had lunch.

Nordlys dancers at the Midsummer Festival – Scandinavian festival to celebrate the longest day of the year, and our heritage.
Our toes in the sand on the Oregon coast at Lincoln City.  Beautiful, but cool, and full of shadow and light.
These feet have taken me out of Minnesota, out of my comfort zone, and into a new light.  This is just the first glimpse, folks.  Look for more of this fantastic trip, the food, the journey – inward and outward, the books, and the fun.
Journaling Prompt: Where have your feet taken you lately?  Where would you like them to go?