Quote of the Day:  I need a sign. from Calling All Angels by Train
I was part of a discussion the other day on seeing signs that a Higher Power is at work in our lives.  People say that they pray that they will see a sign, maybe a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, or a phone call, or that they’ll get an affirmation for their work or art.  I’ve often said, It would be helpful if God would just send me an email. (If you have God’s email, please forward it to me, thanks!)
Signs happen every day.  The problem is we aren’t always open to seeing them and experiencing them for what they are.  Whatever it is that you are hoping for, dreaming about, working towards, put it out to the universe.  Write it down.  Name it. Claim it.  Then, be open for the signs that it CAN happen.  People will walk into your life who can help you.  Ideas will flow.  The words of affirmation will come from supportive friends.
My artist date this week is two-fold.  I sent in an application to a writer’s workshop held by Highlights Foundation (remember Highlights for Children with the hidden pictures).  They put on workshops for aspiring writers.  I signed up for the one on writing novels for young adults.  Here’s the link if you’re feeling inspired to spend a long weekend with your novel and a nurturing teacher.  They have other workshops, too, just browse around.  I’m living in a small-ish town that doesn’t have a traditional city center/post office.  So, I made a trip to the gas station which is also the post office, and sent off my app.  (applause!)

Here’s the second part of my artist date.  I made a new journal for myself.  I started with a composition book, covered it, and voila!
Front cover
back cover
Choose a pen and dig in!
It will be quiet here at Play off the Page for about a week.  Time for me to Play off the Page in real life and spend some time with family and enjoy all that summer has to offer.
Journey on!
Journaling Prompt:  As you’re watching for “signs” this week, jot them down.  See what amazing power is working in your life to make all things possible.