Quote of the Day:  Sometimes you have to shut off the inner critic and just play! – Mary Aalgaard, playwright

When life gives you puddles, JUMP! The dad next door said, “You still need to be a kid some days.”
We’ve had rain for about 10 days straight.  Hey, Mother Nature, you can turn off the faucet, now!  We’re good with the precipitation.  The grass is green again; the flowers are blooming; the strawberries are ripe.
Yep, these are growing in my backyard.  I had to pick them in the rain, but it was worth getting a soggy shirt.  My hair was already a lost cause, frizzy, then flattened, then limp.  Ugh.  I’m getting a cut next Tuesday. Thank God! (or should I say, Thank Aubrey!)
I was working on my script this weekend, Coffee Shop Confessions, and the annoying inner critic started saying:  Oh, you’re back to that old thing?  Hmm. Well, aren’t you putting too many elements in that?  I mean, you’ll confuse your audience with all these issues and songs and comparisons, and ha! do you really think you’re funny? And, other stuff too dumb to repeat.  I had to turn off that inner critic and just JUMP off the page.  Turns out, I like what I wrote.  It moves the story forward, PLUS it’s interesting and funny.  So, PTHWEOEW! to you inner critic.
When you turn off that inner critic (I had to put duct tape over the mouth of mine!), you find yourself in new and interesting territory.  It might even change your look.  See what it did for my twins.  Their friend came along when they got haircuts, so they took the dare and got buzz cuts!  Ah, that will feel great when the summer sun and breeze finally get a chance to come out and play.
Journaling Prompt:  Write about a time when you turned off the inner critic, took a giant leap, and let yourself play.