Quote of the Day:  Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people.  Forget yourself.Henry Miller  (This one is also in the book The Artist’s Way.  I’m working on Chapter 2 this week.)

For my Artist’s Date this week, I took myself out to hear a concert by a Minnesota choir called From Age to Age.  Live performances of any kind are inspiring and exciting and fill me up.  This group, under the direction of the amazing Andrew Miller, gives me reason to say, Life is good.  I am transformed beyond myself.  Somehow I can be in the moment and also remembering the past and dreaming about the future, all the while my spirit is set free.  They performed in a church where the ceiling rises to a peak, and as the walls slope down they become rounded.  It looks like the bottom of a boat that’s tipped over, and we’re safe underneath.

I watch and I listen and I feel.  Somehow, eyebrows became the focal point for me.  Andrew sings as well as conducts his choir.  He makes eye contact with the pitch man, who offers up a note. Andy gives the choir a 1-2-3-(4), and the voices come alive, all on the right note, together, without accompaniment, and they move with the rhythm of the song, and somehow the song becomes part of me. 
They sang in English, Latin, German, Italian, and Russian.  I never knew Russian could sound so beautiful.  They also performed new work by three Minnesota composers, two of whom were in the audience.  What a marvelous meeting of the creators and the interpreters.
We stood and applauded and sighed that it had to end, then Andy raised his eyebrows, flashed us his confident grin and said, “We have one more ditty for you.”  They performed the William Tell Overture with their voices sounding like a full orchestra, going bada bump, bada bump, bada bump, bump bump.  And, when they got to Bah!, they all turned to the audience with great facial expressions.  A member named Josh kept his eyebrows moving up and down to the rhythm of the song, right, left, back and forth.  Josh has very talented eyebrows!

So, the boys and I practiced eyebrow poses for this post. 

Journaling Prompt:  Describe a time when art, music, literature, a person, or nature inspired you.