Quote of the Day:  There’s a clean bathroom in Heaven for Mothers of boys. I saw that on a bathroom wall hanging at a friend’s house, another mother of boys.  We’re also called MOBOs (Mothers of Boys Only).

Those cute little babies from my post on True Friends turned into these tree-planting Cub Scouts.  They are turning 10 today, April 29. 
Happy Birthday, Boys!

Here are a few things I’ve learned about raising twin sons:
1.  Two babies at the same time is exhausting.  Naps were something I could only daydream about.
2.  Twin babies DO talk to each other.  They managed to outsmart, undo, and out-maneuver any so-called safety latch known to Moms.  (They helped each other climb over the baby gate!)
3.  I’m not lost if my brother is with me.  (They do tend to wander off, but they eventually find me back again. Thank God!)
4.  They can play a made-up game with little or no talking where they somehow know the rules and outcome.  It’s amazing to watch.
5.  They love to argue and express their individuality, and they’re each other’s best friend.

Everything “they” say about twins is true.  They do have a special bond.  They do speak their own language.  They comfort each other and feel each other’s pain.  When one is hurting the other cries.  Although they seem so much alike, they are more confident in being themselves because they have each other. 

Thank you, God, for my four healthy sons, and the double blessing I got on April 29, 2000.

Journaling Prompt:  Write about a special bond you have with a sibling, relative, or really close friend.