Quote of the Day:  The price of a cup of coffee, even gourmet coffee, is cheap rent for inspirational office space.  Mary Aalgaard, playwright

My artist friend JeMA and I met at our local coffee shop to work.  You know, if you want other people to take you seriously as a writer or artist, or whatever, YOU need to take yourself seriously.  I got up, dressed for work (notice the Scriptfrenzy t-shirt), packed my bag, and set up my work space.  We actually sat across from each other, but came together for the pic.  And, yes, I did write.  I’m up to 13 pages.  A little behind schedule, but plugging away.
This morning, we met another woman who is starting up an events planning business.  We exchanged cards.  People were having business meetings, working, meeting friends.  I’ve observed job interviews and overheard a social worker (I assumed) speaking in the cellphone:  The important thing is that you stay sober and get to class.  The events planner we met today told us of a time when she overheard a woman sobbing into her phone, lost and feeling alone.  She had just left an abusive husband.  Our friend bought her a cup of coffee and gave her a list of social services in the area.
So much life happens in a coffee shop.  That’s why it is such a rich setting for my drama.  Coffee Shop Confessions happen everyday here.  I think of a coffee shop as a daytime bar, minus the alcohol, but filled with the same angst, life’s struggles, mingling, longings, and confessions.
JeMA couldn’t bring her paints and canvasses to the shop, but she did bring her laptop and took care of the putzy work of her business.  We’d like to share a book title with you folks.  The Artist’s Guide How to make a living doing what you love, by Jackie Battenfield.  JeMA said this book practically jumped off the shelf at her.  Her kids were the first to point it out and say, “Hey, Mama, there’s a book for you.”  She said the focus is on building a business as an artist, in her case a visual artist, but anyone who craves success in their creative field could use this book.
Journaling Prompt:  What or who helps fuel your creative energy?  Have you ever tried a new space for inspiration?