Quote of the Day: I see the best of me inside your eyes.  from Smile by Uncle Cracker, one of my favortie songs.

(Photo from Summer 2007)
My oldest son and I got braces on the same day, summer 2007.  Wow!  We’ve both changed so much since then.  He’s way taller, now.  Doesn’t look like that little boy.  He got his license and drives!  I got my braces off last summer.  He’s still wearing his, much to his frustration. 
The younger brother got braces on last fall.  The race is on to see who gets his off first!
These guys make me smile.  Their younger brothers make me smile, too, especially when they do something funny, or come home with a funny story from school.  I like to ask this question at the dinner table, “Who has a funny story to share from today?”  Often the story comes from the lunchroom, sometimes from the playground, hallway, or classroom.  They all involve friends.  We laugh together.
More than one of these guys has given me the beaming smile of relief when I’ve been there after an injury, twice after coming out of an emergency surgery (ripped up knee, and appendicitis!).  I get the happy to see you smile when they come home from school, and I flash it right back at them.
Who lights up the room with a smile in your life?  Who beams back at you when you smile at him? 
There’s a rush of connection when your eyes meet.  Suddenly, you’re in a big grin contest with a laugh ready to burst forth, and you have the overwhelming urge to give him a big hug.
A smile is free.  Straight teeth and a lined-up bite, now, that’s an investment!
Journaling Prompt:  Write about a person who often brings a smile to your face and/or smiles when you enter a room.