Quote of the Day:  The play’s the thing. – William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

( Photo by Joey Halvorson)

Here we are, folks, making a scene at the Coco Moon in downtown Brainerd, MN.  I needed to set up a photo shoot with local photographer, Joey Halvorson, for an article I wrote for our local women’s magazine, Her Voice. The article is called “The Committee” and it’s about the gremlins that sit on your shoulder and tell you that you’re not good enough and who are you to write a novel, or play, or sing, or do any art, or be special (you know the voices).  They were drowned out today, I’ll tell you!

I said, “I’ll be at the Coco Moon this afternoon working on a coffee shop drama that I just started.”

She appeared, camera in hand.  I sat there with my laptop, book bag, numerous pens, stack of notecards, a single tall Thumper latte (treated myself for this event. Ingredients: white chocolate and roca almond, mm-mm), a glass of ice water and two napkins.  (I was setting up shop!)

She asked me what I was planning to do with my drama.  I pointed to the coffee bar in the above photo and said, “I picture it performed right here.”

The people in the photo are normal, everyday patrons who had innocently come in for a cup of coffee.  Suddenly, we’re rearranging the furniture, snapping pictures, talking loudly (that was me), giving directions (both Joey and I), laughing (I think everyone), and the sweet, young gal at the table with me is leaning in because she’s truly interested in acting in my play.  We made a great connection!

The guy on the left, near the pillar, was a little surprised that he’d be making his modeling debut in a magazine called Her Voice.  He came over to me afterwards to ask what it was and when it would be published.

The sweet, young gal talked to me about her gifts and talents and hopes for the future.  She’ll be graduating high school this May.

Joey took fabulous shots, as always.

The proprietor was all smiles and encouraging.  Thanks, Lorie!

The photographer lifts her lens.  The script writer directs the patrons.  Connections are made in a flash (or is that with the flash).  And, fun was had by all!

Journaling Prompt: Describe a great day that included making a fun connection with someone.