Quote of the Day: It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. – E.B. White at the end of Charlotte’s Web

My best writer-mama-pal is Roxane Salonen. She has two picture books published and numerous articles in local magazines. She’s also started hosting a radio show once a week (or there abouts), has written her memoir, is starting a novel, and continues to write short stories for the children’s market. She’s married and has five children, preschool-8th grade. She’s a busy, and very self-motivated, writer-mama. She’s a night writer, and I am impressed with what she can accomplish in the dark of night, and then in the light of day with family and life.

We traveled together in the fall of 2006 to Washington state where she was promoting her pictures books and reconnecting with friends she’d made while living there several years ago. I tagged along to carry books, to help with her youngest who traveled with us, to see the sights, and to visit my little sister Joy. Here we are in Seattle.

Last spring, the Red River of the North got out of control in the Fargo-Moorhead area, so I said, “Just come over here, where’s there’s heart-space, there’s floor-space.” She and her five children joined me and my four sons to form quite the gathering at the kitchen table. Picture large pots of spaghetti, and a banana bread that disappeared as soon as the knife made the first slice through. The kids played video games, and built giant snowmen, and we made memories.

Today, my writer-mama-pal has interviewed ME and posted it on her blog. Please, go to Peace Garden Mama to read about our great writer relationship, my journey as a writer, and see how the seeds of encouragement can blossom into something beautiful.

Journaling Prompt: Who encourages you on your journey?