Many thanks to Shannon from Book Dreaming for my Sugar fix today!

Your words are sweeter than candy, smoother than chocolate!

She called me “insightful, encouraging, funny, and unpredictable.”

I am all aglow with good feelings. (Quote of the Day)

Now, I have to reveal more secrets about myself.  That’s how this award works.  I need to write 10 things that no one knows about me.  I don’t think that’s possible, so I’m already revising the rules in my mind to 10 things that most people don’t know about me, and almost all blogger friends don’t know about me.  I mean, really, I have two sisters.  They know everything, even when you’re not in the same state anymore.  Plus, I go to the beauty shop and your stylest knows more about you than your ob/gyn.  You know she does!

1.  I am terrified of all amusement park rides.  (My boys will verify.)

2.  I try, but am not at all strict about bedtime. (Again, ask the boys.)

3.  My first kiss was in a sauna by the lake.  I was almost 12.

4.  I like Valentine’s Day even though I am now single.  (I have four sweethearts for sons.  Plus, it’s my little sister’s birthday.)

5.  On good days, I think of myself as a unique flower in the weed patch of life.

6.  On bad days, I am a dormant seed stuck in the mud.

7.  I can come up with a song for nearly every phrase, conversation topic, mood, or event. (Some people have a photographic memory, mine is lyrical.)

8.  I can solve the Rubic’s Cube. (My boys know this, too, and mess it up to distract me because they know I HAVE to fix it.)

9.  I am looking forward to the time when my boys start dating.  It will be nice to have a girl to talk to once in a while.  The cat doesn’t count.

10.  In a future blog, I will describe how my alter ego is Catwoman.

11.  I thought this would be really hard, but I have a bonus one:  To me, dating after divorce when you’re over 40 is like being pushed out of an airplane into a foreign country.  (I haven’t really landed yet, still free-falling – Isn’t that a song?) I’ll blog on that soon, too.

12. (I’m on a roll.  Why would I stop at 10 or 11?)  Every one of those followers to the right are fabulous writers.  Each one is unique and amazing.  Knowing them, reading their words, is the icing on the cake of life.

Alright, fine, I’ll pick a few, but don’t you feel bad if you’re not chosen today.  I love you.  You’re the best.  I’m tired, and I can’t pick everyone.  I’m going with surprises I found on the blogging circuit so far.

Texas Playwright Chick – How could I resist?  She gives me energy with every word.

JeMA – My artist friend that lives right here in the Brainerd lakes area near me.  I helped name her.

Singer-Scribe – We’re mixed from the same ingredients.  Although, she’s much more theological than I am, and she teaches music in the schools.

Journaling Woman – She’s funny AND she journals, and she’s quite crafty.

Whole Latte Life – I knew I’d enjoy this blog with my morning mug of joe.

The Block – You will be amazed at the experiences this woman has lived through and so vividly describes.

The Character Therapist – I could spend days here.

My journaling prompt is to encourage you to make your lists of little known facts about yourself.  It’s kind of fun.  I might have even learned more about me today.